Monday, November 29, 2010

New Screen Shots

Added a couple new screen shots showing the new Legend for pie charts!


  1. Hi!

    I've been using this app for some days and it's really amazing... it's very useful and easy to use!

    However there's only 1 small drawback I see in the app. It's that you can't (or at least I can't find it) edit the types of transactions. It has a nice range of them, but unfortunately some of them are not useful for me, and it lacks others that I find very convenient.

    So, my doubt is... have you considered the option of allowing transaction type customizations? If it were possible, it would be really great.

    Anyway, thanks for the good job!

  2. OK, I feel stupid... I just found the way to do it! (I should have experimented more with the menus, instead of just filling the expenses with what was already there).

    So, once again, thanks for the great job you did with the app!


  3. Hello,
    Just got a htc desire Z (migrated from Nokia N900). I like your apps ability to scroll down to ground level when needed and only for the item in question. The hole app is nice and clean. Congratulation.
    I would like to use your Income as a Budget (apart from your budget definition which is special). I am retired and have one single income. I have budget for each expense category (15 in all). As far as I have seen you can have only 3 income categories. Can you confirm? Secondly I can see repeat an income/expense from one month to the next. Can you extend that to recurring for every month until the amount must be changed.
    By the way why cant you use the same category for income and expenses.

  4. Hi, is it possible to set a custom date for the start of the 'every two weeks' interval?

  5. This app is awesome! I have been backing it up with Titanium. If I lose the data in this I'd be really mad! What other programs can open the data created in this program?


  6. I use this app daily, great for keeping track of my spending.

    Couple of things to suggest though that would definitely help with usability:

    1) Put the "Save" button near the top when entering expenses or incomes, this way, you don't have to press 'back' after inputting your entry to find the Save button

    2) Could be cool to be able to export files to a Dropbox location or something similar. It'll make it easier to look up expenses in Excel or something

    Otherwise, great job with the app, love it...

  7. I love this app, I use it daily. I have just encountered my first problem. For some reason the dates are out of sync. When I choose current date it goes to the next week ie: todays date range should be 29/05/11 - 04/6/11 but it when I hit current date button it shows 5/06/11 - 11/06/11.
    Please help.

  8. Great app. Would it be possible to carry over the outstanding balance of a category into the next cycle? For instance, if I have a budget of $100 for clothing every month, but I only spend $50 in this cycle, next cycle, instead of showing only the budgeted $100, could it show $150 available to spend for that category?

  9. I use this app daily, great for keeping track of my spending.
    but have to change add free app . like other apps i thin evry one like to pay beacuse this app is really nice and gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood