Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo Gallery v2.0

Screen Shots have been updated!  View the new look of Droid Wallet!

Monday, November 29, 2010

New Screen Shots

Added a couple new screen shots showing the new Legend for pie charts!

Droid Wallet v1.2

Added a new feature to the Pie Charts.
I got rid of the color coded legend that was displayed below the pie chart, and made a floating legend instead.
This new legend will also detail how much money you spend/earn for each transaction type, as well as the percentage of the monthly/overall total.
To display the legend goto MENU -> Show Legend.  You can hide the legend by hitting MENU -> Hide Legend or, while the legend is displayed hit the back button.

More Updates to Come!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Droid Wallet v1.1

New Version of Droid Wallet is out and ready for download!
V1.1 Offers a couple new features:
New Feature: Pie Charts.
-Visually see how you are spending/earning your money.  You can view pie charts based on transactions per month, or overall transactions!

New Feature: Color Coded Transaction Types(Categories)
-Categories are now color coded for easier viewing.  All current categories are assigned a default color, which you can change if you like.

New Feature: Color Selector v1.0

Edited: minor layout adjustments were made to show the color coding for transaction types.

Droid Wallet v1.0

Droid Wallet is a Money Manager app that lets you track all of your expenses and incomes to see what kind of budget you have for extra spending!

Some Features for Droid Wallet include:-Manage expenses and income in separate lists.

-View expenses and income by either the transaction type or transaction date.

-Categorize your Expenses and Income.

-Easily repeat transactions for recurring transactions.  To do so, just press and hold the transaction you'd like to repeat, until the pop up menu appears.  Select Repeat Transaction, the new transaction will automatically be filled and will default to the current date.