Sunday, October 2, 2011

Photo Gallery v2.0

Screen Shots have been updated!  View the new look of Droid Wallet!


  1. This app is very cool..

    I'm from Brazil and I can help you to translate to portuguese if you want..

    Congratulations by app..

  2. Hi William,

    I like your app and find it very useful.
    A couple of suggestions for enhancements:

    1. Can you move the exit and del buttons away from the numbers on the pin entry screen, I am forever hitting on or the other by mistake. (Now I'll have to change my pin ;) )

    2. A chart to show how well you have met your budgets over time would be great

    Thanks again for a really Nice app


  3. I like your app, but it needs a lot of visual work. Your redesign is very basic. I'm in the process of adding more mobile pieces to my portfolio and can eventually create a concept for you.

  4. William Hi!

    Find your app very usefull.
    just couple of things can be upgraded:

    1. you loose all newly entered data if someone call you, or handset position changes from vertical to horizontal

    2. my phone was stolen, and believe thatu all the data too as it sync with the SD card only and which stored inside the phone which is stolen.

    3. triec to look up everythere if Registration of the e-mail helps you to access the data from the stolen phone or not, and could not find it anywhere.

    please, help me with the advice if there is a way or find a way of fixing it for the future!



  5. Could you make it so it can sync with another phone? This is the exact app that I was looking for if it only had that option. Great app otherwise.

    1. At the moment there is no way to sync with another phone. There are a couple updates that I'm working on now, and once those are completed I'll look into options for syncing with multiple devices.

  6. Hi, William Bruno :D
    Great app!!! Really!!! It's the best of all!!! I love it!!!I've got the 19th July 2013 version.

    I'm using the weekly range. Please, make the money I don't spend during a week, be included in incomes for the next week:( Apparently, this is not working. I think this should be automatized for the next weeks as well. Because, maybe we have some money left from the previous week but it looks like we don't have any money when the week starts again. Will you please? I'll be waiting for your response. My email is Congrats for the app!!! Good luck and thank you for your creation !!! :D

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  8. hey,
    i just wanted to know how to change the currency to UAE Dhirams.If you can please help me.